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Classical Models

classical guitarI have been privileged to work on some of the world's finest Classical guitars, including Ramirez, Barbero, Fernandez, Contreras and others. The methods of construction, timbers used and types of finish all contribute to the wonderful tonal quality and playability of these instruments. I have tried to acquire some of the soul of these guitars myself.

I prefer to use Brazilian or Indian rosewood for the back and sides, cedar or European spruce for the soundboard, cedar for the necks and ebony or Brazilian rosewood fingerboards. The rosettes are hand made. Finishing choices are french polished or lacquered surfaces (I prefer to polish the soundboard).

All timbers used are at least ten years old and naturally seasoned. I aspire to create a sound like the Old Spanish Masters, so the influence is quite obvious, I make no apology for it, the sound is rich and clear with good definition between notes. Due to the fact that all the work is my own without any 'production line' methods, there is a waiting list for orders. Please call or write for details.

Dimensions of this model.

traditional classical concert classical dovetail classical doubleback classical cutaway classical cedar top classical
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