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Baritone Model

OM guitarMy Baritone Guitar developed after a request from Celtic playing legend Tony McManus for something in a lower register. I use custom made strings in gauges 17 to 85 or 16 to 75 in order to achieve the true baritone sound which is usually diminished with anything lighter.

Tony's Baritone can be heard on Kate Rusby's album Hourglass and on the late great Gordon Duncan album Thunderstruck.

Baritone Guitars now make up about a fifth of my output, normally tuned a fourth down from standard but often used in "open" tunings, the baritone is ideally suited for melancholy pieces or wide range accompaniment.

Timber choices are available each giving a different tonality to the guitar. Every instrument I make is a one-off, specifically tailored to the customer.

Dimensions of this model.

Brazilian rosewood baritone Healdsburg baritone Brazilian rosewood Capestrano baritone
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