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About William C. Kelday

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Bird's Eye Maple 000 for Australian Musician Peter Kearney April 2007

From beginnings as a repairman and electric guitar maker, I left Scotland to study Classical Guitar making at The London College of Furniture in 1986.

After qualifying I set up shop in the Scottish borders and I spent two years there. I then moved to Glasgow to teach Instrument Repair at Anniesland College, where I still teach making and repair of guitar and violin on a part time basis.

In 1990 I set up workshop in Campsie Glen with the late Neil Baird a fabulous Craftsman, Violin Maker and Restorer, this partnership lasted five years under the banner of The Fiddle and Guitar Shop. Neil taught me so much in this time. He has been a great friend and teacher and is greatly missed.

I then moved to a workshop about 100 metres along the road, which I shared with ex-student and superb Classical Guitar Maker, Michael Ritchie. We worked together for eight years and bounced ideas and theories off each other on a regular basis.

Now I have a workshop in the beautiful village of Fintry, just over the hill from Campsie Glen situated on Nether Glinns Farm which I share with cello and violin maker Sheena Laurie. We have resurrected "The Fiddle and Guitar Shop" in memory of Neil.


The Fiddle and Guitar Shop | Unit 2 Nether Glinns Farm | Fintry | Balfron | Glasgow | G63 0LP | Tel: 07906 688 213 | Email: